I hate blogs.

Well, not really.

Actually, I love blogs.

Because I love words. And I love reading other people’s words and learning from them.

The problem is that I was born with this thing inside of me that despises and refuses to bow to “what everyone else is doing”. And blogging seems to be what everyone else is doing.


Enter second problem. I was also born with a brain that will.not.stop. I am obsessed with words and feel like I could write all day long and never get all of these words out. And I would love to share them.

“Hmmm… Maybe I should start a blog”


Enter third problem.

This week was our high school summer service trip. And I had the opportunity to share thousands of words with our students.

On the final night, we all sat around a bonfire and it was the students’ turn to share. I loved hearing from them and how God had worked on their lives on the trip!

But sitting there listening to them also meant sitting there for an hour and a half processing and reprocessing all the things I wish I could say in reply.

As our time was closing, Tim reminded students to take advantage of this moment and share – because maybe God was speaking words to them and maybe someone else needed to hear those words as well.

I’m not one of those people who gets those clear “do this” directions from God. He gives me words, that’s for sure, but mostly they are teaching words.

So when, as I stared at the fading embers of the fire, I heard a very clear “Blog.“, I laughed. Because that was totally from me, right? Some weird emotional thing inside of me, sitting around a bonfire with teenagers at the end of an intense few weeks of ministry? I was obviously just caught up in the moment.

Because Ew.

Our theme on this trip had to do with social media – and therefore, hashtags. One of our favorite hashtags of the week was #itsscott, which was enthusiastically pronounced every time one of our leaders, Scott, entered a room.

Near the end of the trip, several of us also came up with another hashtag – #itstim.

My husband has a very unique leadership style and many times, those under his leadership get frustrated with him. He IS one of those people who hear direct instructions from the Holy Spirit – and therefore he doesn’t make decisions until he is sure about God’s leading. He’s also a “big picture thinker”. The result of this is that many times, especially during a trip like this, it appears that he’s not communicating or that what he IS communicating seems crazy.

So by the end of two weeks – when the questions start flying and no one knows what’s happening next or what we’ve been told to do doesn’t make sense, instead of freaking out, we’ve found it much better to just smile, shrug our shoulders and say, “#itsTim”.

And so when Jesus says “Blog.” – my response is “Ew“. Because that seems crazy.

But, maybe I should just smile, shrug my shoulders and say “#itsJesus”.

“If you are called to write, then write. Anything less is disobedience.” (Mark Batterson)

So today I officially join you, blogging world.

Because #itsJesus.

Now, “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” – Psalm 19:14

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